Don in "Beneath the Planet of the Apes"

Natalie Trundy and Don Pedro Colley in the make up room.

"Captain Brassbound's
Conversion" (G.B. Shaw)

"Coriolanus" (Shakespeare)

Walt Disney's
"World's Greatest Athlete" (1973)

Walt Disney's
"Herbie Rides Again" (1974)

"Zombies of Sugar Hill" (1974)
(American International Pictures)

"THX1138" (George Lucas) (1970)

August 27, 1998 was a night to remember, as we were invited to the Academy of Motion Picture Art and Sciences to celebrate the 30th year aniversary of the making of "Planet of the Apes". A special screening of a new digitally enhanced copy of this historic film was scheduled. My manager had sent me a special invitation had come to his office from the publicity department of 20th Century Fox, asking me to RSVP as soon as possible, as I was to be a part of the reception.
My stunning actress friend Carol and I arrived at the entrance at 6:45 PM to find a crowd of cameras and people on either side of a red carpet. At first we were shocked to see our ushers were apes with weapons at the ready. In fact, after we had stopped to have our pictures taken by the many fans, a fight broke out behind us between two of the apes. All part of the show.
The Academy Theatre was designed by the best , to be a special place for the members of our business. This is the place where all movies are seen so that the members can vote on who gets the Oscar awards each year. The seats, the sound and the screen are truly breathtaking.
Before the festivities began, people were hobnobbing with each other, old friends with whom you have worked and not seen for many years.
The lights came down and a spot came up on a podium. A representative from 20th Century Fox who is also an author of one of the many books of the Apes Chronicles, began the evening. He introduced Mr Charlton Heston, Roddy McDowell, Miss Kim Hunter, all to great applause. Miss Natalie Trundy was brought to the stand and gave her support in behalf of her late husband, Arthur P. Jacobs, whose vision had transformed the original story by Pierre Boulle into this great event.
At the reception, I went up to Mr. Heston to see if he remembered me and was knocked out by his beaming smile and that special brother hand shake. I spoke with Mr. John Chambers, the man that designed all of the apes masks and won an academy award for his effort.
Miss Linda Harrison, aka "Nova", and I have become good friends from the many autograph shows we do, and I must say she looked positively radiant on this night. We hugged each other and introduced our companions to each other. A little wine, soft drinks, and interesting smoked turkey sandwiches on tiny assorted bagels, plus almond and pecan-apricot goodies along with a glazed banana type walnut cake , gave the crowd an excuse to rub elbows and press the flesh.
-------------Don Pedro Colley

"Legend of Nigger Charley" (1972)
(Paramount Pictures)

"Legend of Nigger Charley" (1972)
(Paramount Pictures)

"Beneath the Planet of the Apes"

Don signing autographs at
Starcon Show (1998)

#DC48 Acrylic painting from
Angelo M.S.Junior (Brazilian artist
from Potirendaba, SP)
14 3/4" x 18 3/4"
Framed in gold metal frame with
non-reflective glass - $300.